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Fanastic Fall Reading - Meet Alicia!

I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as I am!!

Side note: I will draw all of the winners on Monday for the entire week. :)

Today's guest is my friend Alicia Willis - she's super sweet and been a faithful reader of Scribble Chicks, the blog I help write on for writers, for many years! We got to meet a little while ago and it was just so fun! We were all so excited when she got her first book published and now she's just released book number five!

Her official bio: Alicia A. Willis is a homeschool graduate and avid historian. From an early age, she has had the desire to write family-friendly, accurate books about the past. When not writing or doing endless historical research, she enjoys singing, being a church pianist, and teaching music. She and her family live in New Mexico.

And I'll let her take over from here!!

Erynn: Tell us a little about how you got started writing.

Alicia: I can’t remember a time when I haven’t had a pen in my hand! I think I’ve been writing ever since I learned how to scribble my name. However, it was when I was about twelve that I first knew that I wanted to become a published author. Eight years, countless rewrites, and many prayers later, my first title, To Birmingham Castle, was published.

You just had a new book release! What is it about?

Yes! From the Dark to the Dawn: A Tale of Ancient Rome is set in 61 A.D., opening with the Roman victory at Watling Street in ancient Britain. It’s a 120,000 word book, so a short synopsis isn’t easy! But here is my go at it:

    In the dark turbulence of ancient Rome, a rebellious Iceni captive meets his match in his Roman master. When Christianity enters the picture, the clash of race and rank is intensified as Philip seeks to win his master Marcus to the Lord and survive the terrors of persecution under Nero. A tale of faith, persecution, redemption, and romance.
You can find the whole synopsis on Goodreads or online retailers.

What is your favorite type of character to write about?

For a little background, I write Christian Historical-Fiction and my protagonists are almost always male. I really focus on relationship characters, whether it’s knights and squires, a wheelwright and apprentice, or a master and slave. So I would have to say that my favorite characters are the protagonists who develop a friendship inside of a mentoring or business relationship.

Favorite writing space? Favorite writing snack?

I love to write on my bed, propped up against the pillows and my teacup schnauzer, Licorice, at my side. Oooooh, and I love coffee as a writing companion too. (Well, technically, coffee is an any-time-of-the-day companion!) A favorite snack would have to be cinnamon-sugar-toast and Nutella with apples! (Of course those are healthy!)

If money was no object, where would you go for a vacation? Who would you bring? 

My dream is to tour Europe, beginning in London and ending in Rome. :) I would bring a fellow history buff or anyone who would put up with me gazing for three hours at the Mona Lisa, snapping a million photos of an old castle, and running my fingers along the dusty Grecian

Thanks so much, Alicia!! 

Alicia has been so kind to giveaway an ebook of her newest release, From the Dark to the Dawn: A Tale of Ancient Rome!! (And out of USA friends, she is also willing to do an ebook!!) To enter, follow the directions on our handy Rafflecopter.

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Yay for fun weeks!

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