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We keep on rolling...

Someone was doing tummy time this week and just out of the blue did this four times in a row:

Rolling Over from Erynn Mangum on Vimeo.

I can't even stand it. Obviously I am not swaddling him tightly enough because he is just growing up on double time over here. And isn't his hair hilarious?? That one dark patch has been there since he was born and hasn't grown at all or fallen out. So weird. ;)

We spent a good chunk of Jon's weekend off redoing our front yard and so Jon took Nathan to the dump to throw away the branches we trimmed off our front bushes. Nathan LOVED the dump. He hasn't stopped talking about it since. Such a boy. ;) We are hoping to lay sod in the backyard sometime soon and I know a little boy who is going to want to help the whole time. He lives to work outside with his daddy.

We heart summer time.

Part of the issues Nathan has been having lately is not staying in his room for rest time and early in the morning when it's still too early for him to be out of bed. So we got one of those little alarm clocks that glows green when it's okay for him to get up. It has a nightlight function as well. So far, it seems to work for him some of the time but the first day it was such a novelty that he stayed in his room and took a two hour nap.

When Nathan was a baby, he never took a bottle and while it was fine overall, there were a few days where it would have been nice if he would have taken one so we could have gone on a date or done something for longer than a few hours. So the other day I had pumped and we finally tried it with Parker. And he took it! So thankful. Nathan thought it was so cool to feed his little brother. Love these pictures. :)

Family movie night and we're watching...what else? The Incredibles.

Sleepy boy napping in my old room at Gammy's house after an afternoon by the pool. :)

I love these!! We all went and played at the pool for our belated Father's Day celebration for my dad on Sunday. So much fun - we played volleyball and Nathan got his popsicle in the pool with Pops. Perfect summer day!

Jon is a special education teacher and so during the summer when he's not working on his Master's program, he works for a landscaper. Long, hot days especially yesterday because it was over a hundred degrees. I came out of the bedroom after he'd gotten home and showered and found him and Nathan chilling out, eating snacks and watching America's Funniest Videos. ;)

Caleb and Nicole are moving this coming week to California for dental school. I'm so excited for them and so sad for us. I know some little boys who are going to miss their aunt and uncle very much. This little one adores his Auntie Nicole.

Such a fun, busy, exciting and sad summer all at the same time!

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