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The improvement of her mind...

Ah, Mr. Darcy. ;)

I have actually been able to sit down a read a little bit over the last couple of weeks (summer goals work!! Ha!). It has been SO nice. I think I sometimes get sucked into the craziness that is life right now and I forget to stop and sit occasionally. ;)

I had downloaded Susan May Warren's It Had to be You on Kindle when it was free a month or two back and so it was my first choice. It was good! She has such a trademark style and it was fun to just get lost in a book for a few hours. My problem with novels is that once I start reading, I can do basically nothing else until I finish the novel. We all suffered here that day. ;)

Since Parker has been sleeping so good, I've been getting up early after he nurses around 6AM and then staying up and soaking in the hour or so that I then have by myself. One of the books I've been reading during my quiet time is Beth Moore's Breaking Free Day by Day. It's nice because it doesn't take anytime to read, so I have more time to read my Bible, but it does give me things to think about the rest of the day.

And now my two questions for YOU! :)

What are you reading lately??

If we were to maybe start a little monthly or bi-monthly book club on here, what would be your suggestions for books for us to all read together??

And around here....

This little guy was my kitchen helper yesterday and he was VERY excited about it. ;) Though he's pretty excited about everything. Love that little smiley bug.

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