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Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can...

So, remember the Mickey Mouse and whale and super cuddly adorable things we used to have as our party themes?

Yeah. No more.

Nathan was VERY insistent that he wanted a Spider-Man party at the Spider-Man park. And there needed to be donuts and coffee involved. Okay, I might have insisted on that last one. ;)

We had the best time!! Our wonderful friends made the party so so so much fun! And, to totally add the frosting on the donut (like how I did that?), our dear friends Clint, Leigh Ann, Hayley and their newest little one Abigail were in town and got to come!

This guy is a great dad. :)

I can't believe those little sweet cheeks are four years old!!

The feeling is mutual, kid. ;)

Crazy goofball. I just can't get enough of him.

Donut party!!

The reason we call it the Spider-Man park is because of this huge, web-like structure. And all the colors are Spider-Man colors. It really is made for a Spider-Man party. ;) LOVE this shot of some of the kids!!

He MIGHT have had a little too much sugar that morning. Or adrenaline. Or both.

We did presents later at home. His friends spoiled him rotten. And he definitely had too much sugar.

Ha! Parker was totally enthralled by this opening of the presents thing. Or maybe it was more the insane antics of his sugar-high, hopped-up-on-birthday brother. Who knows?

Such a wonderful day to celebrate this hilarious little guy. :) What a great way to start the celebration of turning four!!

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