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Parker is Four Months Old!

And this is just ridiculous how fast it's going.

Parker is four months old today! I can't believe it. He is busy developing his little personality and totally killing us with his cuteness. :)

Parker has learned so many fun things this month!!

He can roll from his stomach to his back and is so so so close to rolling from his back to his stomach. I'm hoping he waits a little longer so we don't have to break him of the swaddle so soon! He loves sitting in the Bumbo - mostly because then he feels like he's a part of everything. ;)

Parker is still a great little sleeper and a terrible little napper. ;) We had an unprecedented 1.5 hour nap yesterday (at the same time that Nathan was napping! It was a miracle!) but he's usually closer to about 45 minutes. He wakes up at 6am, eats and goes back to sleep for a few hours usually before being up for the day and he usually takes three naps.

He is hands down the happiest little guy I've ever seen. He LOVES to smile. And laughs all the time - usually at Nathan. ;) He is very loud and very obnoxious about being loud - I'm fairly certain our neighbors think we adopted a baby pterodactyl. He must be included in absolutely everything we do or he goes from smiling to mad in about .03 seconds.

Parker adores his brother and when Nathan is not around for some reason, Parker is just not a very happy camper and spends most of the time looking around for Nathan. It's absolutely adorable. And if Nathan didn't notice me putting Parker in bed, he is in a panic about where Parker is. I love that they already have such a strong bond!!

He loves, loves, loves, LOVES his blanket. Loves it. Anytime he is just super tired or cranky, if I give him a blanket, he calms down immediately and just sits there, rubbing his face in it. It's about my favorite thing ever. I still don't let him sleep with it but I will rock him with it.

He has become a big mama's boy. And this mama doesn't mind in the least. ;) He spits up about a quart a day so the two of us always stink so good (as my friend Eryn would say). ;)

He's just the sweetest little baby and we are totally in love with him!!

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