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My crazy herd

Chick-Fil-A always has their Cow Appreciation Day right before Nathan's birthday, so it's become sort of a tradition now to go dress up and get a free meal. It's always hilarious. I love it. :)

Us. :)

The boys were bouncing off the walls too. There were huge groups of people there and I think our little table of four was by far the loudest and most obnoxious. Jon and I could not stop laughing at them.

This little guy is just getting funnier and funnier.

Somehow Nathan talked us into a gigantic ice cream cone. The sugar helped the decibel level. Um, not. ;)

Love these crazies!

On top of everything else going on, my parents sold their house and their new house didn't have the space for Caleb's big mastiff, Joey. Since Caleb just moved to California for dental school, a couple who already has two mastiffs expressed some interest in adopting Joey. It seemed like the best plan for everyone and she appears to be very happy with her new family. We were sad to say goodbye - she's big and drooly but she has been wonderful with Nathan and that makes her a good dog in our book.

Jon and I went on our annual Friday Night Before The Birthday date so we could do some birthday shopping for Nathan and get dinner and dessert. We brought along our little third wheel but it was so fun and so needed to have a conversation without being interrupted 431 times by our chatty boy. :) All Nathan talked about for the last six months was getting to chew gum when he turned four and so we bought that child NINE packs of gum.

Temporomandibular joint issues, here we come. ;)

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