Thursday, July 24, 2014

Behind the times

Summer is just SPEEDING by and I just can't keep up on here!!

Nathan's actual birthday was so so fun. We just had a low key day, let him open presents, our wonderful friends Clint, Leigh Ann, Hayley and Abigail came over for lunch and he chewed approximately 87 pieces of gum.

Not even exaggerating.

Since Leigh Ann was in town, the rest of the Lunch Bunch ladies got together for girl's night the Friday night before Nathan's party. LOVED this. So wonderful to visit and catch up without children around!! These are precious friends.

We had our Spider-Man party the next morning. Nothing better than donuts, coffee and lots of tattooed children running through a park early in the morning. ;)

Then, Sunday, it was someone's VERY MUCH ANTICIPATED birthday!!

The first thing we did was open a package of gum and he got to chew his very first piece. This was a SUPER big deal, folks. We built this up like crazy and he loved every second of it.

And we discovered that someone had grown overnight. ;)

We had a fun, chill morning and ate leftover donuts and played and then Clint, Leigh Ann, Hayley and Abigail came over for lunch.

SO FUN. We have missed these dear friends so much!!

Us and the babies!! Abigail is just so so precious - when we last saw our friends, we were still making guesses as to whether she was a boy or girl in there. ;)

These two were just ridiculously cute together.

A long time ago, after Nathan was born, when Jon and I would talk about other names we liked, we always loved Parker. And then we found out that is also Clint's middle name and that made us like it even more. I love that our boy shares his name with our dear friend!

We Skyped with Caleb and Nicole for a little while after the Trebeshes left. So good to see their faces! We miss them greatly.

And then it was time for Chuck E. Cheese. Because that's what you do on your birthday. ;) At least, that's what we told him last year when he wanted to go back there every day for the next few months after he turned three.

Afterward, we met Gammy and Pops at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Nathan got to sit on the saddle and everyone yelled a happy birthday to him. He LOVED that.

Gammy and Pops with the birthday boy!!

Opening presents. He got spoiled rotten. Again. ;)

Then we all collapsed into bed. ;)

Oh how we love these boys and our time with them! It is going by way way way way too fast.

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  1. I love the picture with your two families....Abigail and Parker staring at each other! Ha! Such a fun, fun weekend for the bestest four year old around! And Nathan has become quite the pro at chewing gum. Most definitely. Love him so!!

  2. You have such adorable children! Looks like Nathan had a very Happy Birthday!



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