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Summer time

It is hot, hot, hot and we are loving it. :) I feel like the days are flying past - how is it almost July?? And please, someone tell me how I am old enough to have a boy who is going to be FOUR in just a very few short weeks??! We went to look for party supplies for the Spider-Man extravaganza he is planning and I couldn't even bear to face the fact that he's growing up so fast so I just made excuses to put it off for another day. ;)

This little one LOVES these blankets of his. LOVES them. He was fussy one night and I laid him on the bed, handed him a blanket just to try and calm him down and went to go get his swaddle and when I came back, he was out. Bless his heart. I'm paranoid, so he doesn't get to sleep with the blankets but he'll snuggle in them when he's awake.

Hugs for Daddy. :)

A brotherly chat one morning. This happens at least once a day.

Time for swim lessons! He's still LOVING them and getting very good! That boy loves himself a pool.

Someone discovered the fun of a front facing camera... ;)

This baby has the craziest monkey toes I've ever seen! I've never seen a child with such long toes and he uses them like hands - SO awkward to watch!! Anytime he is in the high chair, he just climbs his feet up and down the plastic bar in the middle. Seriously. Monkey toes.

We walked in and found him like this one night. Ha!!

Someone adores his Uncle Caleb. He has to be just like him.

Auntie Cayce came home from a trip and brought some souvenirs. My boys were very much in love with them.

We're having kind of a rough week with Nathan. I'm not sure if it's just typical three-year-old issues or what, but he's been quite the little spitfire this week. So, when Jon offered for me to go to a local coffeehouse by myself and write for a few hours, I think I was out the door before the words were all the way out of his mouth. ;) I adore ADORE being home with my boys, but the occasional break is such a great recharge and honestly, makes me a better mom.

Parker has been sleeping amazingly good lately, so I've been staying up in the morning after he nurses, usually around 5:45 or 6. He will eat and go back down for at least two, if not three hours. I've always thought you morning people were crazy, but it actually is really nice having the quiet house to myself then. ;)

What have you been up to??

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