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Summer goals :)

I saw this on another blog I follow and I just thought it was the best idea! This summer, I really, REALLY want to be intentional about the time. Last summer, I was so intent on soaking in the time with Nathan and we had a total blast. Now, the days just go by so fast with the two boys that I spend a lot of evenings trying to even remember what we did that day.

So, these next two months, I want to be sure and spend some quality time with my boys so I'm not looking back on the summer come September and wondering what on earth we did. ;)

#1 - Swim!! And I don't want to just "swim" in the sense of hanging around the pool with family and friends. I want to be the mom who jumps in the pool and plays with her kids, regardless of whether or not she actually styled her hair that morning. ;)

#2 - Do the summer program at the library again. We LOVED this last year and I know that Nathan will love it again this year because my boy loves to read. I want to keep fostering that!

#3 - Work on letters with Nathan. I keep meaning to do this every day and somehow, it gets forgotten in the midst of everything else. But this summer, I want Nathan to really start to work on his letters.

#4 - Read for me. I spend 98% of my reading time reading books to the boys. And as much as I LOVE that and treasure those moments, I want to take the time this summer to read some books for me as well.

#5 - Get organized. I have approximately 3,698 things I need to get done on any given day and typically, I only get one or two accomplished. I want to become more organized in all areas of my life - including our closets. ;)

#6 - Go on a few dates. Yes. :)

#7 - Blog more. This blog has been suffering since our precious Parker Bear joined our lives but I don't want to miss out on remembering the early days with two boys. This is honestly the only way I remember anything about Nathan's babyhood so I want to do the same for Parker!

#8 - Do one fun thing every day. I really want to soak in the summer and instead of rushing around everywhere, I want to focus on doing at least one fun thing with my boys every day - even if that's just something as simple as popsicles in the backyard. :)

And in our lives lately...

Some brotherly love. These two adore each other. I LOVE that.

Sweet little buddy just loves it when we are all home and in the same room together. He's never more smiley than when that is happening. :)

We spent the majority of the last week with a sick boy - Nathan started running a fever on Tuesday and it didn't let up until Saturday. Oy. LONG week. Thankfully (and not thankfully), it was Jon's week off so he was there to help. We just didn't get to do our week of fun like we had planned. ;) And it about kills Nathan to have to stay away from Parker when he's sick.

Finally starting to feel better!! Jon gave him this old headset and he always has to wear it while watching The Incredibles so he can yell "Mayday! Mayday!" along with Mrs. Incredible. ;)

Big boy picking his head up. :)

He only smiles this adoring smile when he's looking at Nathan.

Parker's first time in the pool! He was a little unsure at first but then he absolutely loved it.

He kicked his little legs like a little frog the rest of the time. SO cute!!

Our friend Kaitlin just left from a visit here and she was going to be in New York City for a few days so Nathan excitedly asked her to watch for Spider-Man and tell him that he said hi. Guess who she actually saw?? ;) Ha!! Nathan was OVER THE MOON about this picture she sent us. ;)

Sweet days at the zoo with sweet friends. Love the Beechem girls!!

What are you hoping to accomplish or do this summer??

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