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Parker's two month appointment


Well, it was the day I was dreading today. Vaccination day. And in a even sadder twist, Nathan went to bed with a low-grade fever and by the time we got to the doctor for Parker's appointment this morning, he was running 102.9 temperature at the office. :(

Parker, though, is in the peak of health! His head was 40.2 centimeters (81st percentile), he is 24 inches long (76th percentile) and he weighs 13 pounds (51st percentile). Big, healthy boy! We are so blessed. He just smiled and smiled at the nurse. He wasn't too sure about our dear pediatrician and he screamed bloody murder when he got his shots.

:( Poor little guy. I was curious if I would cry this time around and yep, as soon as his little face started crumpling, I lost it. I hate seeing my babies in pain. :(

So we are home, we've stocked up on popscicles and orange juice for Nathan, we've changed back into jammies and gotten comfy on our towel-covered couches (for the inevitable orange juice spill) and Parker is in a much happier mood now that no one is poking him with things. ;) And other than being a little chilly and having a non-related blister on his finger, Nathan is in a good mood too.

It was time for a movie day anyway. :)

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