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Parker is two months old!!

Oh my goodness, I have SO much to catch up on on here!! My brother Caleb got married this last weekend, so we are recuperating from wedding craziness again and looking forward to some slow summer days ahead. :)

In the middle of all the craziness on May 16th, my little Parker Bear turned two months old!! How is this possible?

Parker is just the sweetest baby! He's seriously one of the easiest little guys I've ever known - he is so content to hang out and go along with whatever we are doing. The only time he gets fussy is when he's tired or hungry or feels like he needs to be included in something. ;)

Parker loves, loves, loves to be held. He's the happiest when he's right there with all of us, whether we're eating dinner or playing a game or grocery shopping or whatever. He loves to be held facing out too, so he can see everything going on. And with a big brother like Nathan, there is always a lot to see. ;)

He's eating every 3 hours during the day now and has been going about 6-8 hours at night before he wakes up to nurse and then goes back to sleep for another 3 or so hours. He's become SUCH a good sleeper! I'm so thankful!

He is SO smiley - oh my goodness. This boy starts smiling as soon as he wakes up and doesn't stop smiling until he goes to sleep. He is such a happy boy - LOVE those sweet cheeks!! He has had quite the second month too - we had Uncle Bryant and Aunt Nicole's wedding, Easter, his first zoo trip, lots and lots of walks, a bout with thrush and Mother's Day all crammed into that one month!!

He has his two month appointment tomorrow morning, so I'm excited to hear his stats. When I weighed him on our not-so-reliable bathroom scale, it had him at 13 pounds. GRACIOUS. Big boy!! It totally validated my tired arms at the end of the day. ;) I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

 And for some more fun comparison, here's the Nater Tot and the Parker Bear both at two months old:

In all of them, Nathan is on the left and Parker is on the right. Is it possible to be looking more AND less similar to each other?? ;)

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