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Back to life

BREAKING NEWS, folks. Last night, my precious Parker Bear slept for FIVE HOURS straight, nursed, went pretty much right back down and then slept another FOUR.

I am a new person. A new mother.

I have coherent thoughts again! ;)

I thnk the biggest reason we've started getting more sleep (other than someone's tummy growing big enough to hold a full-sized meal!) is that now that we are past the six week mark and my milk supply is definitely established, I've been able to get him more toward a schedule during the day. So he nurses every 2-3 hours now and we're usually able to stretch that to a full three.

So I have high hopes that things will get back to a good routine around here! 

Here's what we've been up to lately:

Lots and lots and lots of reading. LOVE that my big boy loves to read! We're training Parker to like it too. ;) This picture just makes me laugh. Nathan gets so into any story that we read and he was just very sad about the terrible fate that met the Gingerbread Man. Parker? Not so much. ;) We are now reading through the Magic Treehouse series. Nathan can't get enough of it.

First time back at CFA with friends since baby brother's arrival! Can we tell someone was a little bit excited about this? ;)

Dressed up for BSF. We managed to catch the last two sessions! We have absolutely LOVED our time there.

The brothers. I heart them.

This face. Love it. I swear, I kiss those cheeks so much I'm amazed he still has them. He was so chatty and happy and smiley that day while Nathan was doing rest time, so I just put everything aside and talked with him for a long while and then...

He just conked right out. Nothing beats this. I held him for a good 1.5 hours while he just slept on me. Babyhood goes by too fast to miss these moments.

I'm finally cleared for working out, so I tried out the stroller with both boys this week! I absolutely love being able to fit both of them in there at the same time!

I have no idea how he can sleep like that, but I guess he was comfortable because he napped for almost an hour in there!

This kid just cracks me up.

We put sidewalk chalk in one of their Easter baskets so Nathan decided we needed to try it out that afternoon after Dad got home and Jon went to town. Ten minutes later, we had this:

I will never draw with Nathan again if this is what he expects now. ;) Little known fact about my favorite guy: Jon is a crazy good artist.

Lunch Bunch at Julia's house! We love our dear friends!

Someone discovered his thumb this week. We yanked it out and shoved a pacifier in. ;) You can take those away when they turn three, you can't take away thumbs! We'll see if it works...

This is how pictures go now. One is always smiling and one is always frowning or totally not looking or yawning or blank faced or you name it.

My office mate always falls asleep on the job. ;)

My boys!!

We went to a little festival at Jon's school last night and someone got a Spider-Man painted on his arm. He had big plans to keep it "forever" but it had smeared by the time we got in the car, which led to a rather big breakdown. Can we tell who is the favorite superhero right now??

And in very sad news, our enemy Thrush is back. :( We got rid of it a few weeks ago, but I noticed Parker's tongue was white again this past weekend and the nystatin wasn't working this time. So, we went to the doctor today and they painted his mouth and tongue with genetian violet. Which turned his lips violet. And I mean VIOLET. It looked like we picked him up from Willy Wonka when we left the doctor earlier.

I'm not sure it's really his color. ;) It faded a little after he ate, praise the Lord. Though, I won't mention what ELSE is now violet.

Um. Yes.


I guess it will take a day or so to wear off and it can stain anything he touches with his mouth or spits up on. And since my boy is super talented at spitting up, I've got my grossest clothes on, my couch is covered in towels and we've been boiling pacifiers and trying to get anything that potentially touched his mouth while he had the thrush cleaned so it doesn't come back again. Poor baby.

It's never boring around here!!

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