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...And we're gonna get married :)

This last weekend, my brother Caleb married his sweet fiancee, Nicole.

Such a wonderful, emotional, crazy and tiring week!! They are moving after they get home from their honeymoon, so this past week has been full of goodbyes and lots of tears as well as being crazy happy for them and this new adventure.

A thousand different thoughts and emotions. Add in the normal hormones of a fairly new mom and I've been a bit of a wreck lately. ;)

We've been meeting Caleb for lunch at (where else??) Chick-fil-A every week for the last month or so and this last Wednesday was our last lunch there. Gammy came to this one too. :) So much fun! We will miss our new weekly tradition.

We had our last sibling night for awhile. These are some of the dearest people to me on this planet.

Someone adores their new Aunt Nicole. :)

I'm pretty fond of her too. Love that girl.

Friday we got up, did a few things around our house and then it was time to head to the final tux fitting. Love his expressions. ;)


Some of the groomsmen.

I absolutely LOVE this picture. He was checking himself out with Caleb and Bryant. Love it.

Then it was time to run home, shower, get ready and head over to the rehearsal. Where someone gave someone this:

And pretty much made his entire life complete. ;)

At the rehearsal dinner. SUCH a beautiful, fun evening!!

Last picture with these two single people!!

Wedding day morning started off with a bang. We all met at the gorgeous golf course that morning and immediately started praying because it was raining and their wedding was outside. My grandmother, Nama, entertained this little one for me. Parker loved Nama!! And Nathan pretty much accosted the poor woman before she was even out of bed in the mornings. ;) We love her lots.

Love this picture of the boys and their Auntie Nicole and Uncle Caleb.

Someone was back to picking dandelions for the prettiest girl - aka the beautiful Nicole. :)

And I LOVED this idea with the superhero shirts!! All the groomsmen wore them for one of the pictures. Nathan was a fan as well. ;)

We all prayed and prayed for good weather and fretted the whole time since it poured the entire morning. It had just started to clear ten minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start and as soon as Caleb walked down the aisle, sunlight started streaming out.

So amazing!

They are married!!

I looked down during the ceremony and saw this in my lap - sweet, tired boys. It's hard work getting all these uncles married! ;)

First there was two, then there were three...

And now there is FOUR. Love, love, love this!

Me and my handsome brother. I love this guy. 

Mom and Caleb's hilariously awesome mother/son dance. So much fun to watch! They did such a great job!!

Parker lap-hopped again this wedding but I think he had a special fondness for Aunt Jill. :) He did so great. I was so proud of my baby boy!

The happy couple!

This was so fun - two of my dearest friends who I have known for most of my life met at the wedding! Shannon lives here now and Kaitlin was in town visiting. LOVE this picture!!

Getting ready to send Caleb and Nicole off. Insert happy and sad tears.

And they are off to a fantastic honeymoon in Orlando!! Love this picture. :)

After the wedding, all of my extended family went back to my parents' house for dinner and swimming. We ended the very late evening with s'mores by the pool. I love my cousins so much! Love that we've all stayed close even as we've grown up.

Such a wonderful weekend!! Love those two so much and praying so many good things for their future! :)

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