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Zoo you want to hunt for Easter eggs?

I couldn't resist. ;)

Last week was Jon's spring break and we spent the entire week doing nothing but adjusting to the new routine of taking care of two boys and it was wonderful. I got a nap most of the days, we ran a few errands, Jon and I had a date night with our tiny third wheel and the week went by so fast that I honestly am having trouble remembering everything we did!

We spent Friday at the zoo. We hadn't been in forever and so when we told Nathan on Thursday night that we were planning on going there in the morning, he was SO EXCITED that he could barely stand it and by 7:15 the next morning, he had dressed himself to go:

Backpack and all! Ha!

We finally got there and he was just beside himself with joy. I've never seen him so excited to be there - the weeks of being cooped up in the house with Baby Parker's birth have taken a toll on my active boy, I think! ;)

Parker spent most of the zoo like this. :)

This kept Jon and I in stitches the whole day - he had packed a tiny, keychain pretend camera that was a stocking stuffer this last year in his backpack and he pulled it out at every exhibit to take pictures and then he'd stuff it back in his pocket. SO funny - I was dying.

Family picnic!

This little smiley boy finally woke up for about twenty minutes. ;)

We did it up right since it had been so long since we were there, so Jon and Nathan got ice cream and then we went on a train ride. :)

Then it was Easter! We went to the sunrise service, I cried through most of it, we packed up baskets and everything Easter-related and headed to Gammy and Pops' house. One of my boys was VERY excited about his basket.


The other wasn't too impressed.

Egg hunting. :) That's all I've heard about for the last few days since. "Remember when we went egg hunting Mama? That was REALLY FUN."

This week has been all about figuring out our new routine, finding out how long it takes to go places (we have yet to break the 2 hours and 15 minutes mark when it's just me and the boys from when we start getting ready) and learning how to live on very little sleep and still function during the day. I feel like I'm in survival mode a lot of the days and I hate that feeling so I'm very ready to get back into a schedule!!

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