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Precious Memories

(I've updated the Paige Turned contest blog with the winner!)

We are operating on some little sleep over here so I do apologize that this blog has taken the brunt of it. I had completely forgotten how time consuming newborns are and it's been interesting adding in a very active three year-old on top of the sleep deprivation. I also had my first bout with mastitis this time around last week - ugh. REALLY praying that is the first and only case! I had it over and over with Nathan until the doctor finally just put me on a low-dose antibiotic for the rest of the 13 months that I nursed him.

So here's our last few weeks in pictures... :)

Dad and his boys. :)

Love their morning chats. :)

He wanted to read to Baby Parker. Love that he picked "Just Me and My Little Brother".

Sweet face <3 p="">

My nap buddy one afternoon.

Sweet little jaundice baby had to spend quite a lot of time in the sun his first two weeks of life.

Nonnie and Papa O came to visit!

We did not appreciate our first bath at home.

Sweet alert baby boy.

Someone is very into holding his baby brother.

Working on his dance moves for Uncle Bryant's upcoming wedding this weekend. ;)

"Don't worry, Mama. I'm keeping an eye on Baby Parker."

We are cord (or "plug" as Nathan called it) less!!

Little worried boy. I have no idea why he would be concerned.

Never mind. ;)

I successfully made it through our first grocery shopping trip alone with both boys!!

Happy baby!!

Gammy and Pops love.

LOVE this sneak peek of our session with the wonderful Sarah!! :)

We all stayed late at family dinner on Saturday night and practiced our country dancing for Bryant and Nicole's rehearsal dinner this weekend. Love this. :)

And this weekend, we get to celebrate these two!! Such a wonderful, wonderful time coming up!! :) SO SO excited!!
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