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Parker's one month old!


I honestly cannot CANNOT believe that our precious boy turned one month old on the 16th!! As fast as Nathan's babyhood went, Parker's is flying by a million times faster...which I absolutely hate.

He is such a precious boy! For the most part, he is very easy going and content - unless he's hungry and in that case, I've got about six seconds to get him eating or he gets quite upset with us. ;)

And speaking of eating, that is his absolute favorite thing to do. He is still nursing on demand and he will nurse every hour sometimes - though I think about half the time it's more for comfort than actual nutrition. ;) He's getting a little faster at eating - in the beginning it would take an hour for him to eat, now he's closer to about thirty minutes. Nursing has been MUCH easier this time around but I'm back on a low dose antibiotic for the foreseeable future to ward of the mastitis again like they finally did with Nathan.

He's still in newborn clothes and diapers but they are starting to get tight! It's so funny to see the differences between my boys - Nathan was SO long and skinny that he outgrew his clothes lengthwise very quickly. I think he was pretty much in 0-3 month clothes by this point. Parker is not as long as Nathan was but he's got the CUTEST chunks I've ever seen - I could kiss his cheeks and thighs all day long!

Parker is not a very good sleeper yet - for most of this month he's been basically nocturnal. It's been quite the adjustment for me this time around. With Nathan, I could sleep during the day when he was sleeping and that's just not possible now with my super active big boy up all day. So I'm gradually learning how to live on just a few hours of sleep every night. Concealer, friends. I have a layer the thickness of an IHOP pancake under my eyes every day.

He is becoming VERY smiley which I just adore. He absolutely loves his big brother and Nathan is smothering in his affection for Parker. A good and bad problem to have. ;)

We just can't imagine our lives without our sweet boy!!

And just for some fun comparison...

Nathan and Parker both at one month old... precious boys! Do you think they look alike??! :)

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