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Paige Turned contest!!

I really meant to have this up on Tuesday but I got a terrible case of mastitis. So I spent Paige Turned's release day in bed with a 103 degree fever. :( Yuck! Thankfully, antibiotics seem to have cleared it up and we are back to plug-free, fever-free nursing.

So (in delayed news), guess what's now available?? ;)

I think that is a great reason for a contest for an autographed copy! And since someone in my house is VERY into all things super heroes right now, you can enter the contest by leaving me a comment with either your favorite super hero or maybe what "super power" you wish you had. ;) Nathan will love hearing your answers!

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Also, I apologize that I have been so SO behind on this blog and in replying to you guys on email, Facebook and Instagram. Please know I LOVE reading all your messages! I'm so thankful for all your precious prayers right now!!

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