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Saturday loves

I have been so distracted lately, it's not even funny. All I can think about is how much time we have until this little guy joins our family.

Not much. :) :) :)

Nathan has TOTALLY gotten into the Boxcar Children. He has pretended to be Henry and asked me to be Jessie all week. And when he hasn't been the Boxcar Children, he's been Peter Pan who, sadly, lost his shadow to that "codfish Captain Hook". Love, love his imagination!!

We've been washing blankets and tiny clothes all week!! Love the smell of fresh baby laundry and love my "helper" who mostly just was wanting to snuggle in the warm blankets. ;)

We gave Nathan this Big Brother Bear for Christmas and we just received the other bear for Baby P this week. I'm going to try and have it embroidered with a little brother saying. Love seeing the two brother bears together.

Jon had class one night last week and I told Nathan he could pick something extra special for us to do for dinner. So he picked a Mommy/Son movie picnic dinner date. Love my little buddy.

Last night, one my dearest, dearest childhood friends, Shannon, threw the cutest family and close friends diaper shower for me. It was SO wonderful and such a fantastic girls night!! This little boy is spoiled completely rotten already! I love these women so much - they were the ones who were completely by my side for everything we went through in getting to this point today and they've been keeping me focused on Jesus the whole way. Love my friends and family!

We've been doing errands and odds and ends today. This little guy decided to help me out by doing the dishes. I'm pretty sure more water got on him and the counter than it did in the actual sink, but it's the thought that counts, right? Love his helpful heart. :)

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