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Finishing up the lasts

We are in serious countdown mode. Baby P's birth is SO close I get butterflies just thinking about it. :)

On Sunday, Jon was helping my brother clean the windows at his work and ended up spraining his ankle pretty badly. Poor guy - it looks TERRIBLE and the bruising is much, much worse today. Nathan tried to help a little yesterday:

Ha! So our past few evenings have included a lot of ice packs and propping his leg up. He's also been super sweet to help me finish the last few things for Baby P's room.

He and Nathan hung up the letters spelling out his name and I think we're officially done!! I'm hoping to have a post up tomorrow or Thursday with the baby's room pictures. :)

Our dear friend Sarah came over this afternoon and took some maternity pictures for us. I can't wait to see them!! Nathan had so much fun with her that I'm fairly certain he was about three seconds away from asking her to move in. ;)

And guess what arrived on my front porch yesterday??!

Stay tuned because I think that signals the need for a contest! :) So many exciting things happening this spring!

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