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Baby P's Room Reveal!

Welcome to our vintage football nursery! :)

I had so much frustration aggravation fun planning his room. ;) Ha! I had the idea for vintage football theme from before we found out he was a boy (I totally stole it from my cousin!) and very specific colors in mind. Mostly because eventually, our hope is for Baby P to join Nathan in his bunk bed, so we wanted to do decorations that could easily be added to Nathan's vintage baseball room.

But apparently, we are the only people on earth who want navy blue, red and cream as a nursery color scheme. ;)

I absolutely love how it turned out though!! It's so sweet and cozy - I just adore it. I'm hiding a few details so that I don't give away the name but I promise that I will show them SOON because I've been dying to share them!!

Some favorites:

This is the jersey Jon received as a graduating senior from the Lobo football team and it was really the first thing in here that kind of shaped how the rest of the room would look. Love it.

I love, love my new diaper bag!! I'm so excited to use it that I've almost started carrying it about eighty times now. ;) It's all packed and ready to go to the hospital! Just a VERY FEW more days!

Baby P's coming home outfit. I know. I die every time I look at it and imagine his little face in that extra soft little jacket!

Now we are just waiting and praying and getting extra excited and nervous for him to be here.
:) I cannot wait!!

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