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Baby #2 - 37 weeks and stats

I was 37 weeks as of Saturday!! With Nathan, I did a little post when I reached full-term with all the stats from his pregnancy and it was one of my favorite things to look back on to compare these two boys in the womb. ;) So I thought it would be fun to do one for Baby P.

Total Weight Gain (thus far anyway): 30 pounds. I'm six pounds over where I was with Nathan at this point - and I can SO see the difference sticking right out in front. However, I haven't gained hardly any weight in about four weeks now - it's a modern miracle with all the snacks and desserts and chocolate milk I've been downing. ;)

Baby Stats: According to the books, he weighs a little over six pounds and is at his birth length now. BUT at our ultrasound this morning, he was estimated to weigh seven pounds, two ounces. We have another ultrasound Thursday to check up on some fluid issues we found today, so praying that he continues to grow on schedule! Nathan weighed seven pounds fifteen ounces at birth and I was 41 weeks when I delivered him, so Baby P is already bigger than Nathan was at this point gestationally, I bet.

Movement: He finally started moving more around 25 or so weeks but NOTHING like Nathan used to move!! I've been worried this whole pregnancy because I was so used to my crazy active firstborn. ;) Baby P tends more toward slow rolls, big stretches or little wiggles and mostly after I sit down or lay down - particularly late at night. It's so fun to guess what all the little lumps might be!

Swelling: I've had so much swelling this pregnancy!! My rings stopped fitting well in the mornings by about 28 weeks and I've had to ice my ankles often. I hardly swelled at all with Nathan so I wonder how much of it is that I'm always on my feet messing around with a three year-old these days?

Cravings: Again, I didn't really crave very much with this pregnancy. Occasionally something will sound REALLY good to me, but I've never been so consumed by it that I had to have it. I've very much enjoyed chocolate milkshakes and chocolate milk again. And now that it's getting warmer, I have been loving ice water and lots of cold fruits.

Aversions: I don't think I had any aversions this time around either. Sometimes things didn't sound very good but there wasn't a strict "I hate chicken and eggs" like I had with Nathan. I've loved chicken and I've loved eggs. The only thing that doesn't really sound good is oatmeal, but I think it's because that's all I ate for the first 15 weeks during the terrible, terrible morning sickness because it was the easiest thing to throw up.

Sleeping: I haven't been sleeping very good at all lately. It's a three-point turn to roll over and I've been having a lot of contractions at night that will wake me up. Nothing that has stuck around (same with the daytime) but it's enough to drag me out of a deep sleep. Plus the pregnancy-stuffiness has come back just in time to mesh with my allergies so I've been having some trouble breathing at night while I'm sleeping.

Maternity Clothes: I started wearing maternity clothes full time around 10 weeks this time. WAY earlier!! And I'm down to about three shirts that are long enough to cover this gigantic belly I've got now. I just rotate them out. ;) I am still wearing my non-maternity yoga pants though - love those.

Baby's Room: Just about done!! I will post pictures this week!!

Mood Swings: I don't think I've been too terrible but I have noticed days when I am obviously pretty crabby and emotional. I think a lot of it has to do with the amount of sleep I've gotten the night before. I'm missing my sleeping eighteen hours a day like I did most of the time I was pregnant with Nathan.

Workouts: I worked out almost every day I was pregnant with Nathan and I have barely worked out at ALL with Baby P. I was so sick the first trimester that I didn't feel like doing anything and I was so tired the second trimester and it was so cold outside that I had trouble getting myself motivated. We've been doing pretty good with regular walks lately and I've been trying to do a few exercises just to try and up my chances of a VBAC, but I'm ready for a good, brisk walk and some actual cardio routines.

Birth Plans: Nathan was an emergency c-section after 18 hours of labor and his birth scared me to death. So my biggest hope and prayer is that we can avoid that same scenario this time around!! At this point, I'm still hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) but we are also planning for a repeat c-section. If I go into labor again before the date we've picked then I will get to try to deliver naturally. If I don't, then the odds are pretty good that we're going to have the same situation we had with Nathan and this little guy's head (or big guy's head, as it has been!!) isn't going to fit through. So we're doing our best to trust God's plan for this baby's birth and not think about all the what-ifs. My biggest prayer is a baby who isn't in distress and can actually be put straight on my chest, since I missed out on that with Nathan (which is part of our birth plan whether it's a VBAC or cesarean). Although, things might change if this fluid issue is still an issue on Thursday, so we will just have to see!

Nathan: I think he's starting to realize that something pretty life changing is going to happen soon. He's become extra clingy, extra whiny and extra freaked out about everything - he has even been having trouble being in a different room of the house than me sometimes. I have very much been soaking in the last few weeks of it just being us - I'm hoping to plan a few outings here pretty soon for us to just enjoy some time doing things we won't be able to do as easily once Baby P is with us. I have lots of fun Mom/Son date ideas in mind. :)

Me: I'm feeling good most of the time!! I'm extra tired and extra slow moving these days but I remember being this way with Nathan too. We are slowly crossing everything off of our "Before Baby" list and it's making me much more relaxed about everything. I'm so so so so excited for this little one to get here and I'm also so so so so so nervous the closer it gets about everything - birth, having a newborn again, nursing again (last time I had a lot of trouble getting started - it worked out perfect but the beginning was rough!), and I'm extra nervous just about what it will be like to have two children. I'm sure every mother of two worries about this, but I just get scared sometimes thinking that maybe I won't have enough for both boys - energy, love, focus, grocery money...you name it and I get nervous. I'm worried that I'll end up neglecting one while the other needs my attention. So I've been praying for a lot of peace about that too. Mostly, I'm so excited for a warm, good-smelling little snuggle bug to hold and cuddle and I'm very excited to be able to pick up my big boy again and have a lap for him to sit on again soon!

So thankful for all of the sweet notes I've gotten from so many of you and extra thankful for your prayers. We will definitely update on this blog once our little miracle is here! For sooner updates, be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter - I tend to be a little quicker with those. :)

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