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Long time

I swear I'm not purposefully avoiding this blog. I've been writing as much as I can every time I get the chance, so between that, playing with my crazy boy, fighting sleep and feeding my chocolate milk and strawberry cravings (not together), I've been keeping pretty busy over here. :)

A few things we've been up to:

Love these last few days of me with my only boy. :) I'm starting to get very sentimental/emotional about EVERYTHING ("this is the last tube of toothpaste we'll buy until after baby brother is here!") but nothing makes me tear up faster than sweet snuggles with my boy.

We finally got to have a birthday party for my dear sister-to-be Nicole!! After having to postpone it twice, we had a fantastic time at the Clue themed party - now you get to guess who everyone was. ;)

On Saturday, it was such a pretty day and we'd had snow a few times last week, so we took Nathan up to the back side of the mountain to do some sledding. He LOVED it.

We were so excited that Uncle Bryant came with us!!

Here's what I did. ;)

The boys all built a snowman at the bottom of the hill. So adorable.

When we got home, we took a super hot shower and sadly the "snuggly jammies" Nathan wanted to wear were in the dryer and nothing else would apparently work in the meantime, so he opted to eat in the nearly-nude. There really is nothing better than pizza and movie nights in the living room. Especially when they are followed up with leftover birthday cake. ;)

We watched Planes for the first time and it was absolutely adorable. Nathan loved it so much that he had to draw his own Dusty the Airplane after the movie was over (jammies were done by then). ;)

Monday we had a little Valentine's thing with the Lunch Bunch (we're missing a few kids here thanks to moves and naps). Such fun. We love our little friends.

And today we had more fun when Evie and Gracie and their sweet mama came to play this morning! It's been so beautiful that the kids spent most of the time outside digging in the dirt. Which I'm convinced is the main reason to be a kid. ;) These two were just so fun to watch play today - it's so weird that he's getting big enough to play with friends without needing me around to constantly supervise. It was so nice to just sit in the sun and talk with Eryn while the kids entertained themselves.

We took another picture of me (FINALLY, right??! I told Jon that if we don't get on this, this poor child is going to have zero documentation of being on the inside!). Here I am at 34 weeks - I already weigh more than I did when I delivered Nathan...I'm telling myself it's because baby brother appears to have chubbier cheeks than Nathan did. ;) This picture was taken at 11:30PM, so please don't look too closely at my very tired and nearly makeup-less face.

I'm getting so anxious to meet this little guy. The countdown has officially started and so have the lists of everything that needs to get done before he comes. The last of our two-week appointments is this coming Monday and then we switch to weekly. It just makes everything so much more real.

SO, with that, Moms of more than one - what are some things I should be prepared for with this baby coming???

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