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Just about out of room


First off, guess what releases a month from tomorrow and now is officially available for autographed pre-order in my bookstore??! ;) So excited for you guys to read the conclusion of Paige's story!!

I am officially 37 weeks tomorrow!

Jon and I were talking about how crazy it is that we are already full-term! It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that we were celebrating that we'd made it beyond the point when we'd had our miscarriage last time. God has been so good. Baby P is doing a lot of full-term baby wiggles in there - no more kicks but lots of stretches and movements that hurt me most of the time because there is officially no more room in the inn.

I cannot, cannot, CANNOT wait to meet him!!

My big boy!! We've been doing a lot of this - bouncing, walking, attempting to make up for almost nine months of very little activity. ;) The ball has actually helped my back feel so much better - I wish I'd started sitting on it a long time ago! I've been having contractions every day still - sometimes every 10-20 minutes for several hours but nothing every comes of them. We're attempting to talk Baby P out and reassuring him that it's now officially okay to come but he hasn't listened very well yet. ;)

Jon's been reading up on his labor coaching duties in case they are needed this time around. I loved this. :)

On Wednesday, my BSF class gave me a surprise baby shower! I was so overwhelmed by their generosity - they went completely overboard. Such a wonderful time!! I'm so blessed and honored to be in this class with these women. Each one has become very dear to me and I've learned so much from all of them!

Thursday, I walked into the kitchen after doing some of my little workouts in the morning and decided my entire kitchen was disgusting. So next thing I knew, my "big helper guy" and I were scrubbing my stove under the burners with toothbrushes and baking soda. Nathan was SUCH a help yesterday - he cleaned, he took out the trash, he helped me wash down the walls and baseboards. We were both exhausted when we were done! At one point I said, "Nathan, you're such a great helper!" and he said, "Well, you're such a great mom." And then I teared up. Which is when I realized I was standing in my kitchen, barefoot, holding a toothbrush covered in a baking soda paste and crying.

There isn't too much more than screams "NINE MONTHS PREGNANT" than that. ;) So I treated us both to Keva Juice just to make it even more apparent.

Nathan was so excited to show Jon our "brand new kitchen" and decided we should keep it a surprise for him. Jon told Nathan that he was very excited to see the surprise we had and Nathan said, "Well, I'm not excited because I already know what it is." Ha! Once we got into the kitchen, he kept asking Jon if he "recognized the place". ;)

I'm working on Baby P's name sign and his crib sheet this weekend and hoping our gorgeous weather holds up for more fun family walks!! What do you guys have planned??

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