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Feet up

Well, since our week was a little weird last week, I didn't get to actually plan anything for Valentine's Day, so it was pretty low key. :)

We spent the day with my mom and dad who helped me with Nathan (I honestly don't know how we would have done last week without them!!), came home and Jon had roses for me and made me chocolate covered strawberries. So sweet. The medicine they have me on to stop my contractions makes my ankles swell terribly, so we spent our evening icing my ankles and keeping them propped up while we ate our strawberries and watched the Olympics. That, my friends, is the definition of romance! ;)

Jon painted baby brother's room this weekend, we got the sheets on and a few loads of little person laundry done and I feel MUCH better that at least the "big stuff" is done for this little guy's arrival!! He officially has clothes and a room - sweet boy. I have been going in his room quite a bit lately. I get so overwhelmed sometimes at what an answer to prayer this baby is. 

Yesterday, we had another ultrasound and a doctor's appointment. Little man is estimated at 6 pounds, 8 ounces (pretty big for being only 35 weeks along!!), he's head down and that little head is already measuring 37 weeks. BIG boy!! I haven't started dilating, so my doctor said that I don't have to be on bed rest necessarily anymore, I just need to take it semi-easy. Which is easier to do when I'm still having quite a few contractions throughout the day (usually the 2+ hours right before I take my meds) and my ankles keep swelling every time I stand up. ;)

Since there is the chance that he could come anytime, we decided we should go ahead and do a family date night last night. Nathan has been a trooper through all of this but yesterday we could just tell that he was needing some intentional time that wasn't involving getting stuff done for the baby or doctor's visits. Sweet boy. He soaked in dinner last night.

We let him stay up a little bit late and watch the Olympics last night. I could not stop laughing at him - he is definitely the cutest little bobsledder I've ever seen!! ;) I absolutely ADORE his imagination!  One of the things I prayed for the most in a future husband was a man who loved to play with his kids and I am so thankful I have that in Jon. Nathan can rope him into playing pretty much anything and it just makes me that much more in love with my Jon. :)

Today, I've been taking it easy while attempting to get a few more things done around the house in between keeping my feet up. Nathan has been my "firefighter helper guy" all day and I very much appreciate him making sure my surroundings weren't on fire and my pulse was good. ;) Ha!

Baby brothers make good mountains, it would seem. And mamas keeping their feet up have the perfect legs for airplane runways. ;) It's been a good day.

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