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All clear!

We are officially off the medicine and off the bed rest!! YAY!! So so so thankful to be up moving around again. And very thankful that it was the medicine making my ankles swell so much - I was starting to wonder if this was how the rest of the last few weeks were going to be. ;)

So we are all cleared for Baby P's delivery - now I'm just anxious to know when he will come. (And yes, it's your official hint as to what the baby's name will be!!) :)

On Saturday, we made a little family trip to Costco. If you were there, you would definitely have heard us if not seen us. Nathan was ridiculously giggly/crazy. At one point, he was standing on one of the benches in the food court with his hands on his hips, dancing and singing at full volume.

Oh that boy. I didn't know whether to laugh, quiet him down or pretend he wasn't mine, so I just took pictures instead. ;) Ha!

Sunday afternoon, the weather was absolutely gorgeous so we took a family walk over to a park a little ways away. My parents got us an amazing stroller that will eventually seat both kids (thanks so much, Mom and Dad!!) and I've been anxious to try it out, so we brought that with us since the park we were going to is a long way from the house - just in case Nathan needed a ride home.

He, Jon and Kody ran most of the way home, so I think the only who actually needed the stroller was me. ;) Ha! I was exhausted by the time we got back!

This is why God gives boys dads - to give them someone to spit into the arroyo with. Blegh. It was totally a highlight for Nathan though. I will never understand males. ;)

This is our real life boy - hair all messy, nose skinned up from face planting while racing Jon last night (thankfully he was wearing his baseball helmet. Ha!), Batman shirt and eating a cookie. Jon told me this was exactly what he pictured when he used to think about having kids. ;)

I love these sweet moments. He was basically asleep on me while we were reading books last night but he was completely out by the time we finished praying with him. Love when he's in a snuggly, sleepy mood!

We have an appointment to check on Baby P this afternoon - not too much longer until there are two messy, stinky, scraped up boys in this house!! We are so blessed, friends. Continuing to pray for you all!

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