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Routine, schmootine.

This morning has been one of those rude awakening kind of mornings. Jon went back to work, we went back to our regularly scheduled routines, I had to be up before 7:30 and someone under four feet tall kept insisting that he needed to eat today while I moaned in the fetal position from the bed. ;)

I'm so thankful that my horrible cold is over, my nose, eyes and other facial features are back to their usual color and size and my morning nausea has quieted back down. Because, honestly, if I'd woken up this morning like I did on December 30th, I would have just called it quits right then and there.

We had a wonderful break! We have all loved being home these few weeks. We got a lot done around the house, we hung out just the three of us for a bunch of it and there was a big chorus of "I'm going to miss you tomorrow" "I'm going to REALLY miss you tomorrow" "I am going to REALLY REALLY miss you tomorrow" between me and Nathan to Jon yesterday as we prepared to re-enter reality.

This kid just makes me laugh. He put his hat on himself and it's pretty obvious that he's already trendier than either me or Jon.

He also is apparently in a growth spurt because neither Jon or myself have gotten an entire meal or snack or ourselves in a few weeks. That's Jon's milkshake he was chugging down. And "I'm hungry" has become like the end of a sentence around here. "Good morning, Mama. I'm hungry." "I can't find my blue marker and I'm hungry." "Frogs are really gross looking. I'm hungry."

My beloved sister gave us the January espresso mug from Starbucks which means that every day this month, we get to take it in and get a free grande espresso drink of our choice. We sing her praises every day. :) This little guy has perfected his new favorite of Mom's drinks and went in and ordered one from Cayce yesterday. "I need a decaf, tarmel racchiato wif a straw and ice." My favorite part is the "need".

One of our projects this break - the baby's room! We have a LONG way to go in getting it all clean and painted and ready but the playroom is no longer a playroom and we're all getting used to toys being out of there. It's actually been a very easy transition but I wanted it to happen way before March so it wasn't a horrible struggle getting everything in it's place right at the end. Can't wait to get in there and decorate!!

Yesterday we were lounging on the bed in our jammies and Nathan laid his cheek against my tummy to "listen" for his baby brother. He was just laying there, talking to the baby when he got a good swift kick in the face. Nathan thought it was hilarious. Ha! Such a precious moment!

Well. Time to get back to our regular routine. I guess that means I need to come up with something for dinner here pretty soon. ;)

What did you guys do over Christmas break??

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