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No matter how much I beg, he just won't stop growing.

I honestly promise that I'm not trying to skimp on here, it's just I have been totally lacking in motivation for anything other than sleeping a lot, eating every few hours, craving more sleep and fighting a lot of heartburn and ligament pain.

So basically, I'm in my third trimester. ;)

Nathan has been alternating between being the sweetest helper and the grouchiest, clingiest, not obedient at all kid in the state. I feel like there's a good dose of post-Christmas-break letdown and some weird intuition thing going on for him - I think he knows, deep down, that things are going to be changing and changing soon.

I'm trying my best to give him lots of attention and soak up every second of our last few weeks of it being just the two of us but I'm also trying to help him see that he's very capable when it comes to doing a lot by himself because I know I'll need my big boy to be a big helper in a few weeks.

And some BIG NEWS - Nathan is officially 1) out of Pull-Ups completely and 2) he finally gave up his baba (aka pacifier)!!

We started potty training the end of last January and he's only had a handful of accidents in the last 8+ months. Nighttime was a different story, though. He would soak his Pull-Up every night. We tried a couple of things and then just decided that he would let us know when he was cognitive enough to go through the night without it. Well, Christmas morning, he woke up dry and SO excited about it and he's only had one accident since then. ;) We've officially switched to sleeping in undies and someone has bragged to every family member, friend and grocery store worker we've seen since then.

And the pacifier - we have tried multiple times to break him of his baba but it was a horrible, awful mess and each time I would be in tears, he would be sobbing for hours and it was just terrible and so not worth it. He was VERY attached to that thing! We did banish it just to the bedroom and just to his bed. We bought a very cool prize and would show it to him fairly often and remind him that if he gave up his baba, he could play with it. And this week, he came in and told us he was ready.

He has done SO well. No crying, no real sadness. He's asked for it a few times but we just remind him that he gave it up and he's fine with it. He's been going to bed well and he even took a nap today without it! I'm so proud of him.

The first night he gave it up, Jon kept talking about how big he was, how he was so proud of him, how he wasn't a baby anymore and nothing that he did was related to being a baby anymore... just on and on. By the time he was done, I was about ready to go in there and swaddle my boy again just to see if that would somehow turn back the clock! :( I honestly hate how quickly time is flying past. Poor baby brother is going to bear the brunt of Nathan getting so old so fast - I'm never going to set this baby down.

Me and my biggest boy!! He came in the other day and said, "Mama, I'll always be your baby. Have I ever let you down?" Ha! Someone's been getting a lot of snuggles and hearing a lot of how he needs to just stop growing up so fast.

There's a new Ninja Turtle fad at my house and Nathan has gotten very into drawing them. So cute. He'll make up the most complex plot line stories about these guys and it's so fun for my writer's heart to hear! The TV show is still a little too big for Nathan, so making up our own fun is even better. ;)

We ran in Starbucks to get our free espresso drink this last weekend and there was a group of people all sitting there, working and talking and Nathan just hopped into the empty seat and joined them. I'm really worried about this anti-social kid of mine.

First night of NO PACIFIER! He's been getting SO chapped from the cold so we've been greasing up his face with lanolin every night - poor kid doesn't need a nightlight thanks to the shine from his face.

Playing with his prize! We played with this all day yesterday and it was the first thing we grabbed this morning. :)

Now it's off to nap. Um, I mean write. Write. Must write.

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