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January happenings

Oh my we have had a busy week!!

We started the weekend off right by taking this big boy to Krispy Kreme to celebrate the end of babyhood with him finally giving up his paci and making it for over two weeks without a Pull-Up. There's really nothing like a "frinkled" donut when it comes to celebrating.

Jon went to play football with some of his friends on Saturday and so Nathan and I ran a few errands and got some "tarmel racchiatos". ;) LOVE our January mug from my amazing sister and very generous friends who have given us gift cards!! :)

Tuesday, Gammy took us bowling and out to lunch. :) Such a wonderfully fun day!! I absolutely love this picture of them. :)

Cayce showed him the hand cooler-offer-thing and he thought it was about the neatest thing ever. He kept telling us he needed to go "warm up" his hands.

Someone was extra animated that day. ;) Ha!


While we were at lunch, we ended up sitting next to some wonderfully kind policemen who were SO SO sweet with Nathan. He stared at them, asked them a million questions and one of them went out to their car and brought Nathan back a very cool badge. He was over the moon!! He came out of his room for rest time like this. Not sure he actually rested that day. ;) Too much excitement!!

He rode his bike down to our neighbor's house yesterday. We were quite the sight with him weaving everywhere on his bike, me hugely pregnant trying to keep him from crashing while still holding onto the hand of the little girl I watch a few days a week. But the weather was SO beautiful I couldn't resist!!

Today is the first day we've been home all week and it's not totally by choice - Nathan woke up at 4:30am to use the bathroom and ended up spitting up all kinds of yucky junk as well. So I decided we should probably stay home and lay low, though someone has been VERY anti-laying on the couch watching movies. Our early morning wake up is getting to him too, I think - I just sent a very grouchy boy to take a short nap. :( Hoping tomorrow we wake up without so much excitement! Meanwhile, I've been trying to patch the holes that exist in every single pair of his jeans. ;) Life with a boy...

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