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Hunkered down

We had a good week followed by a weekend full of a stomach bug, so we're still hunkering down in the house in our jammies.

Last week we had a crazy, crazy day before Cubbies which turned into this little bean getting dinner at Starbucks. I kept telling myself their breakfast sandwiches had to be SEMI-healthy, right??

It was healthier before his Auntie Cayce made us Frappucinos. ;)

Saturday morning we ran a bunch of errands and that afternoon, Nathan started acting really lethargic. He would pick himself up for a few minutes and try to play and then I'd find him on the couch again. And he kept complaining about his tummy.

This was right before dinner which is typically known as "Run Out the Rest of My Superhuman Energy" time in our house. I looked over and Nathan had climbed in Jon's lap and fallen asleep. So, I was obviously on the verge of taking him to the emergency room because I'm fairly certain this has NEVER happened before.

He started throwing up right at bedtime, I started throwing up in the middle of the night and we were both pretty much useless yesterday. Poor Jon spent the entire day doing laundry and cooking and cleaning and taking care of us. I'm doing much better today - just a little queasy. Both Nathan and I slept until 9:30, so I'm sure that helped. He's still not quite back to his normal self but I'm hoping we will get there soon. Especially since he's been in a Barney-watching mood lately. Oh my.

Hope y'all had a better weekend!!

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