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Birthday weekend


I got completely and totally spoiled rotten this weekend. I'm honestly still in shock over some of the wonderful things my amazing family did for me!!

We started on Thursday night with a card that a certain little boy couldn't wait to give me. :)

LOVE. It's my most favorite birthday card I've ever received. I absolutely ADORE that he drew our family on the envelope and gave me lipstick and a squiggle baby in my tummy. And he wrote "Mom" all by himself!!

Friday was my actual birthday. I woke up to baby brother kicking my hard in the ribs right before my other two boys came walking in singing happy birthday. Nathan had to present his card to me again (so cute) and we hurried up and got ready and joined Uncle Bryant and Uncle Caleb for a birthday breakfast. Then we met our dear Lunch Bunch friends for CFA and the first milkshake of the day (hey, you only turn 29 once!!). ;) Loved seeing those dear friends!!

After rest time and some more hurrying around, we got ourselves all 1950s-dressed-up and headed to my parents' house for a party!!

SO MUCH FUN. Love my precious family so much!!

The boys in character. ;)

All the girls. :) :)

Love the table decorations!!

I got so many wonderful gifts - seriously. Spoiled. Rotten. And they even made my current favorite - chocolate milkshakes!!

 We spent Saturday playing at the park in the morning while Jon played flag football with some friends and then my sweet mama took me out for a wonderful kid-free lunch. SO fun. We don't get to do that very often and it was very needed!!

And then yesterday we got to peek in on this little man:

Oh how I cannot wait to kiss his precious little face!! My arms have honestly been aching just to hold that sweetness. At one point during the ultrasound he was wiggling around and he stuck his thumb in his mouth and curled his little fingers over his tiny button nose. It was so precious. I about died. :) And such a blessing - he's growing so well (he's 4lbs and 2oz - 67th percentile already!! Apparently we are good at making big boys!!) that my doctor is feeling way more comfortable about the placenta issue. Thank you Lord! We are so blessed. :)

We came home and during Nathan's rest time decided to try and figure out how we were going to arrange car seats in the car come about eight weeks. Jon disappeared in the house to get baby brother's seat and came out with it like this:


It was a fantastic birthday weekend!! What did you guys do with your long weekend??

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