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Thanksgiving 2013 and lots happening!!

Oh goodness. We have been CRAZY busy lately. I've been trying to get a novella out for Christmas and so when I'm not writing, I've been running around so much that the second I sit down for something like blogging, I just fight sleep the whole time. ;)

What we've been up to:

We drove to Flagstaff last Wednesday to meet Jon's family halfway for Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone - and often with the adults until past one in the morning. I think I'm still catching up on sleep. ;) Such a wonderful holiday in such a beautiful getaway house!!

Little bean on the car ride up and back - he did SO good! He even slept for a little bit on the way back (he fell asleep right when Jon and I both had to go to the bathroom, of course. Isn't that always how it works?? ;) )

Cousins in the snow.

This boy could LIVE in the snow! Ha! And his daddy and aunt and uncle were so kind to drag him around and start his sled going and help him make snowballs.

While we were there, my favorite boy celebrated his 29th birthday! Love this man. God blessed me way beyond I could have imagined with him.

Yesterday we spent the day playing with friends and doing never ending laundry.

And making cinnamon rolls. He had to wear his chef hat at first and then decided that he was actually more like a fireman when we were pounding out the dough. ;)

Today, we had another checkup on our littlest man - Baby Boy has been kicking up a STORM in there lately - it is SO fun!!! Love seeing my stomach jiggle from his constant moves and feeling him pretty much every time I sit down! I have a small issue with my placenta, so we're just watching him and doing extra ultrasounds to make sure he's still getting all the nutrition he needs. He's measuring about five days ahead already though - so he appears to be growing just fine! Such a blessing! I'll be 25 weeks along on Saturday so I'll do a baby update with a new picture then. :)

So much happening! I feel like we are careening headfirst into everything! How was your Thanksgivings?? :)

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