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Nathanisms, questions and a day in our jammies

It's snowing, the Christmas tree lights are on, Nathan is doing his rest time, I just had one, okay, three homemade chocolate chip cookies and neither I nor my son have gotten out of our jammies all day (yes, even when friends came to visit. There are only a handful of people in the world who I would allow to see me and my house like this. I love that friend a lot). It's the most perfect recipe for writing and all I want to do is sleep. ;) I totally took the 18ish hours a day I slept when I was pregnant with Nathan for granted.

We've started our advent calendar! I love this magical time of year. :)

Couple of questions for my mom friends out there:

* Did any of you use a pregnancy support band that you really liked? I've been having a LOT more round ligament pain this time around and I imagine a big part of it is the constant moving around chasing a busy three year old plus my abs aren't what they used to be (a c-section will do that, I've heard). I've been looking up reviews on Blanqi bands - anyone tried those and liked them?

* Another newish (at least since Nathan was born) thing I've found is the Solly Wrap - I would love to hear if some of you have tried it and liked it! It seems like a good alternative to the Moby Wrap (which I LOVED but got super hot and bulky). Let me know if you've tried it and what your thoughts were!!

And because my little Nathan bean is just constant chatter, here's what he's been saying lately:

- One of his shoes came off in the car right before we pulled into the Walmart parking lot. He looked at me and said, "Oh no, Mama! I'm going to have to hop in the store!"

- Anytime he needs a day to just chill with me on the couch watching movies he always tells me that he might have a "feel-ten" (fever) or a "tummy-hick" (tummy-ache).

- "God must take old people's hair. I bet He keeps it in His heart." Or his other favorite, "Old people don't have hair because they went out into the really, really, really SUPER strong wind and it blowed it all away!" (No idea where this fascination with baldness comes from. He's also seriously worried about losing his teeth someday when he gets old.)

- He came out of his room from rest time and said, "Can I have a little snack and a cup of coffee?" He drank the whole cup. (Decaf, of course.)

- My newest favorite conversation EVER:
  Nathan: "I love you soooooo, soo, SO much, Mama."
  Me: "I love you sooo, soo much too, baby."
  Nathan: "Actually, I just love you ALL the much."

And last, but not least...

- We left his Little People nativity set at Gammy and Pops' house on accident one day (which was a terribly sad morning the next day when we saw it was missing. That thing is a prized toy here!) so Nathan decided that he and I would just have to be the Little People guys.
   Nathan: "I will be Joseph and you can be Mary."
   Me: "Um. Okay."
   Nathan: "So. We are married?"
   Me: "I guess so!"
   Nathan: "Oh good. Well, now that we are married, I guess we can get a sheep or sumpin!"


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