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Merry and bright


We've been cramming as much Christmas into our lives as possible lately! This past weekend, we went for the first time to a Christmas parade they have every year here and oh. my. goodness. It was COLD. And very long - there were I think over 100 different cars, trucks, bands, etc in the parade.

Gammy and Pops came with us. Can you tell we're all freezing? :)

Spider-Man made an appearance and that was pretty much the highlight of Nathan's night. I have no idea how he's gotten so into the superheroes, but he knows them all. And I guarantee I don't sit down to snuggle and whisper sweet nothings about Spider-Man in his ear. ;) After dinner, Mom and Dad were so kind to treat us to a warm dinner - I think I finally stopped shivering about halfway through it. :) Thank you guys!!

A new visitor was sent to our house this weekend from my wonderful grandmother - the Elf on the Shelf! We had to pose with him for pictures before we instilled the no touching rule. Why does Nathan look seventeen in this picture?!

The next morning, we found Freddy Frinkle (yep. That's his name) reading to all of Nathan's Little People. ;) Nathan was thrilled!

Saturday, we were out running errands and ran into Walmart for a few things. Nathan can spot Santa like he's the only thing in color in a black and white world. So we HAD to go talk to him. He talked nonstop for about ten minutes before we finally convinced him to let Santa's ears have a rest. ;)

And yesterday we spent some time working on Christmas cards for Nathan's BSF teachers. We absolutely ADORE them - they are so good with him!

Also - this week is the last week of my special on the autographed Paige series in my bookstore! Be sure to check it out!

So begins the evenings of Christmas movies, hot chocolate and cookies!! What are your must watch movies for the season??!

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