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Christmastime is here

So this poor second baby has had like four pictures documenting his time in the womb. I think I took a picture every week or at least every other week with Nathan.

Hopefully this doesn't continue to be the case after he's born.

He's making up for it in ultrasound pictures. We had two ultrasounds with Nathan. We've already had six with this boy and it's not looking to slow down. There's a slight issue with my placenta, so we're having to monitor him and his growth rate. He's already WAAAAAY different than Nathan. While Nathan tried ninja-chopping his way out through my belly button, this little guy is very content to just lay in there and occasionally kick just when I'm about to lose my mind with worry over him. He has occasional moments of craziness, but for the most part, he's pretty calm.

I'm curious if it will translate to outside the womb. ;)

And... we finally took a picture!! 26 weeks and counting!

I have been packing on the weight this time around. Some of that has to be due to me 1) not working out except for once this whole pregnancy (the time I do have, I usually want to spend sleeping. Or eating. Or getting writing done) and 2) craving all kinds of sweets. With Nathan, I was way more about the fruit. ;)

Christmastime is definitely here!! We've been in the middle of advent stuff, Freddy Frinkle the Elf stuff, buying gifts for family and friends and then returning said gifts when our family and friends end up already having them. Ah, Christmastime!

As far as our advent activities go, we've done a lot!! We made reindeer fingerprint Christmas cards. Someone was more than happy to get his hands in the paint. ;)

We went out for frozen yogurt and looked at the fun decorations in the mall. Nathan yelled down from the second floor to Santa: "I WILL SEE YOU ON SUNDAY, SANTA! AND I DECIDED I DON'T WANT A SKATEBOARD!!"

We saw Santa (a different one). And yes, Nathan was quick to remind him that he actually didn't want the skateboard.

Now he wants a sled and a Nutcracker Hat.

Oh for the days of him wanting the simple, easy-trip-to-Walmart skateboard. My poor mom and I have been scouring Amazon and every store we can think of for a week now. Apparently, Nutcracker hats aren't the newest, hottest toy.

Just in case you were wondering.

We went to look at Christmas lights and stopped for Starbucks along the way (because y'all, we know how to do this properly).

And holy cow, did we see the mother of all Christmas lights!

Love Nathan's expression when we got him out of the car for a closer look. Ha! And to top it all off, there was a...

Nutcracker. Nathan was in heaven. HEAVEN.

I came in this Saturday and found Jon resting on the floor after his workout and I guess this is called fair game for an underwear-clad toddler. Goose.

And I have to brag. He drew a picture and I asked him to try and write his name on the back. He disappeared into his room and when he came back out, this is what he had done all on his own. LOVE it. I was so proud of him!

How are you guys getting ready for Christmas??

P.S. Don't forget my new novella, Merry and Bright, is now available on Kindle!! :)

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