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What we've been doing

I will never take for granted my right index finger again! ;) Splint is finally off and it's almost healed. So thankful!

As for what else has been happening...

I've been making lists like crazy for the holidays and Nathan has decided this must be the new thing to do. He told me the other night he was going to draw a picture of Daddy holding Nathan on the list instead of writing.

Love this. :) My favorite part is that his name is now spelled NAHTAN. ;)

We got to FaceTime in to some dear, dear friends' gender reveal!! SO excited for Jen, Greg, big brother Noah and precious baby girl coming soon!!!

The weather man was predicting snow all weekend and when Saturday came and went without anything except freezing temperatures, we had a sad boy on our hand. So, we did the next best thing. Christmas shopping and lunch and ice cream at CFA!

Apparently the anticipation was too much. Jon found this when he went to check on a super quiet Nathan later that day. ;) I loved it though. I went in to wake him up, he fell over against me still totally conked out, so I just scooted around and held him in his tiny chair for the next twenty or so minutes while he slept. I can't even remember the last time I got to hold him that long! Precious moments while baby brother kicked at him continuously. ;)

And then... Sunday morning dawned and...

SNOW!! (Kind of!! Ha!) Note that both boys were still in their jammies. Nathan was in our room at the CRACK OF DAWN yelling about it having snowed, he ran out and came back in less than twenty seconds later with his hat on and holding his coat. What can we say? He comes by it naturally. ;) So he got to play for a few minutes before breakfast in his jammies.

He did not quite understand that I put the towel on the floor to gather snow boots and such. ;)

After the fastest breakfast of all time and a forced change into actual snow clothes (it stinks having a mom who cares about you sometimes!), it was time for more snow play in our barely-snowed-in yard. ;)

The boys scraped up enough snow for a tiny little snowman...

Oh how I love this shot!! Someone ADORES their daddy with all his heart.

Ta-da!! He lasted about two hours. ;)

Caught this little evil grin right before he nailed me with a snowball while I was sacrificing myself in the frigid air - in my bathrobe!! - to get some of these pictures. Oh that boy.

I am LOVING this season. It's so busy and crazy and hectic but I love, love, love finally settling down at the end of a very long day in front of this:

FOUR stockings, friends. I can't get over it. Oh, we are so very blessed!!

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