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This lovely week

Oh what a wonderful, wonderful week!!

We ran a MILLION errands on Saturday and so we treated Nathan to lunch with us at CFA. He even convinced us he was old enough to trade in his kids meal toy for ice cream by himself. Other than being a little too short (the CFA staff didn't even see him standing there at first - ha!), he did so good! He even said thank you. I'm in a little bit of denial he's this big.

Waiting for our ultrasound!! Can you tell we were a little excited?? ;)

Sweet Big Brother holding Baby Brother's balloons.

Wednesday, our dear friends Clint and Leigh Ann had another precious girl! It is KILLING ME that we are so far away from them right now. I've been constantly looking at pictures this whole week! Honestly, you'd think someone would have invented some sort of instantaneous travel by this point in time. Love how beautiful Leigh Ann looks and how precious is that baby??! So very excited for them and big sister Hayley Grace! We are snuggling those girls from a few miles away. :)

Nathan decided that Baby Brother needed a sticker too one night. Not sure why we have DARE stickers but like my brother Bryant said, he's probably going to be saying that word to his little brother a lot. "I dare you to..."

Little pirate. Jon came home and built Nathan a pirate ship and then the two of them played in it the rest of the night. Nathan was, of course, Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Jake even was kind enough to join us for dinner. And he informed us that next Halloween, Nathan was going to be Jake, Jon was going to be Captain Hook, I was going to be Wendy and Baby Brother was going to be... Smee. Poor kid.

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