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Oh boy! (or oh girl!) - A contest!! ;)

I couldn't resist. ;)

So who is up for a little contest?? Leave a comment with whether you think we are having a boy or a girl and I'll draw a random winner on Wednesday! You can win your choice of an autographed Paige Torn or Paige Rewritten. And I will be sure to update you all with what we are having Tuesday night after we find out!!

A few fun facts about this pregnancy compared with Nathan's:

* With Nathan, I couldn't stand chicken or eggs. I haven't been bothered at all by either one this time around!

* I threw up once every day or so with Nathan until about 14 or so weeks. With this one, I'm just now going a week without being sick (and I was twenty weeks yesterday!) and I was sick at least 3-4 times a day in the beginning.

* Nathan's heartbeat was always around 140, this one has averaged in the high 140s to the low 150s.

* I think I'm carrying the same, though I definitely started showing earlier this time around!

* Nathan was a lot more active than this one. I feel kicks occasionally, but nothing like the ninja attacks Nathan was famous for (maybe we are going to have a slightly calmer child this time??)

* I have no idea whether it's a he or a she and I also am not really hoping one way or the other. Having a boy has been so much fun and I honestly think it would be so wonderful to have two crazies running around here in their over-sized football helmets! But I also think a girl would be so fun because it would be so different than what we are used to right now. :)

I'm so so so overwhelmed with thankfulness - God has blessed us so much! My heart is spilling over. :) Continuing to pray for you, dear friends!!

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