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Index Issues

If you follow me on Facebook, you hopefully saw the reason for my super long absence online lately:
Ugh. I was in a hurry making dinner Monday night and sliced right through my knuckle on a can of refried beans. :( We butterfly-bandaged it back together but it was still bleeding pretty good Tuesday morning. Thankfully I was able to avoid stitches and got to have it glued back together instead but I had to keep it in a splint for the past four days, which has made it incredibly difficult to type! (Someone had some sympathy pain, can you tell?) ;)

I slept without the splint for the first time last night and my finger appears to be doing much better! It's still pretty tender and the cut is still semi-open, so I'm trying to be very careful about how much I bend or use my finger right now since I do NOT want to get an infection!

Praying you guys all had a great week! Hopefully I will be back Monday with a fully-healed finger and a more fun post. ;)

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