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Halloween 2013


Behold. Clark Kent. Or, as Nathan proudly told someone at trunk or treat last night, "I am John Kent."

Close enough. ;)

Ha! We had such a great time last night! Nathan's costume has been classified top secret for awhile now so it's fun to finally share pictures! The top two are from the fall festival at Jon's school that we went to last week.

Let me tell you - someone MADE OUT last night. We have an entire grocery bag full of candy because his little bucket we brought was not big enough and one of the ladies at trunk or treat had a grocery sack in her car. We will be eating this candy for YEARS.

Cayce and the serious Clark on our way to the church's trunk or treating. 

Best costume we saw trunk or treating - Mike Wazowski! All of the little kids seriously thought it was Mike. Nathan grabbed his hand and said, "Quick, Mom, take my picture!" and then posed real fast. Love my quick-thinking boy. ;)

After trunk or treating, we headed to Gammy and Pops' house to trick or treat and they met him at the door like this:

Ha! It took him a few minutes to recognize them!! Then they gave him bags of donuts and he was good there. ;)

Next up was Uncle Bryant and Soon-to-Be-Auntie Nicole - don't they look adorable? Bryant was so cute to save some candy for Nathan.

Nathan and Jon. We didn't get home until late so he was done by this point and coming into a sugar crash after the suckers he'd talked us into letting him eat in the car.

And then it was time to put Superman in bed and dig through his candy haul. Because really, what's the joy of parenting if you can't steal a few pieces of Halloween candy??

Today, I've been doing some errands with this goofy kid and Gammy for our gender reveal - goodness, it's only four days away!! Keep posted because I imagine there might be a contest coming up this weekend. ;) 

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