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Cookies and such

I haven't taken too many pictures this week for some reason. We've had a great week filled with lots of visits with great friends but apparently I just didn't feel the need to capture it. ;)

My boys love their cookie dough. I swear Nathan can hear the thought of making cookies running through my head and he comes running. ;)

He was very proud of this Lincoln Log tower he made!

My bean at Cubbies when we came to pick him up. He was so intent on the story he didn't even see us. Ha! Also, this is his favorite way to wear his hat and he adjusts it back down this low every time we try to raise it up a bit. The hat is disgusting but he loves it.

I am seriously really wanting an oatmeal cookie right now. If anyone would like to start a cookie delivery service to my house, I could be on board with this. ;) Typically, I'm not the biggest oatmeal cookie fan but I had one last night that was amazing at Starbucks. What is your favorite cookie?

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