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Lovely Life

Friends, we have had the CRAZIEST few weeks. Absolutely insane. But wonderfully wonderful at the same time!!

In the biggest and BEST news....

My brother, Bryant, proposed to his beautiful girlfriend, Nicole, and they are getting married! We are so so so excited. She is just precious and we love her greatly. We cannot wait to see what amazing things God does in their life together!

A couple of weekends ago, Nathan got to walk Kody in a pet parade that a little village near our town puts on every fall. It was so cute. You had to dress as a hero so he (shockingly) picked a firefighter. ;) We love firefighters!

We spent time at Lobo Stadium. :)

Last Friday, we went to have breakfast with Jon at his school. I wasn't feeling so good that morning and that afternoon I started running a fever. Ugh. I fought the virus all weekend and I've still got some residual congestion and laryngitis. I'm rocking that Phoebe from Friends sexy voice. ;)

I sucked down a few cough drops and we headed to the Balloon Fiesta anyway on Sunday night because I adore the Fiesta and I was hating that we weren't going at all that opening weekend!

Jon and the boy. :)

This crazy is so funny. Somedays he is the best at taking posed pictures and other days he could care less about them. Obviously this day was the latter.

Me and my loveliest Cayce!

The month before we got engaged, Jon and I went to the Balloon Fiesta and that's when they introduced the boy and girl bumblebee balloons. They were SO cute and I totally fell in love with them. Well, the year that we brought Nathan for the first time as a three month old, they introduced the baby bee! SO fun!

My three bees!

My other favorite. For obvious reasons. ;)

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