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Early fall favorites

(If you missed it, I drew the winner for Paige Rewritten - you can find it here!!)

A few favorite pictures from the past few weeks. :)

I love, love, LOVE this picture of my boy at the fall festival. He'd just finished walking Kody in the pet parade and then he got his face painted. I think he was a little excited about the results. ;)

Pre-face-painting: Only in a small town pet parade will you see a chicken in a dress walking in a parade.


Me and my loves in front of the infamous Bees. Love Balloon Fiesta days! It's the official start to fall for me.

 Have I mentioned I love the Balloon Fiesta???

Sillies messing around during the Fiesta. I don't think I could love his little gap-toothed grin any more. ;)

My dear friend Kaitlin, her husband Eitan and their precious baby boy are in town this week!! We have loved going to the Fiesta with them, hanging out together, having girl dates and watching the boys play.

These two. Adore them. This has been excellent practice for Nathan and he has LOVED every second with Asaf. Asaf seems to be fairly fond of Nathan too. ;) I think they will be good friends!

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