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Precious days

Wow, friends, I am honestly, completely and totally blown away by all your sweet comments on this blog, Facebook and Twitter! You have blessed us so much - thank you so much for your prayers!

I'm still in shock I think that we're actually here and we're actually this far along! God is so good. I've been getting less nervous and more excited every day. I can't wait to meet this precious little one and find out all the things that God already knows - boy or girl? Blue eyes like his/her brother or green like his/her daddy? Considering the baby was measuring 2-4 days longer than their gestational date, I'm assuming we are in for another tall pumpkin head who stretches out of all of it's footie pajamas. ;)

I can't wait. :)

We've had a wonderful and terribly sad week all at the same time!

Nathan had his first ice cream cone - he hated it, obviously. I told him I wouldn't put him through that torture again. ;)

My dear, dear, dear friend Melanie is moving to Oklahoma next week and I'm honestly trying not to think about it so I don't burst into tears. We did a painting class with her as her going away party and it was hilariously fun. I think it's obvious why I went into writing.

Saturday we had to get up early to get some screenings done for our insurance, so we made a little morning out of it and went to brunch afterward. We had a great time (though, sadly the apple fritters did not last too long in my stomach).

13 weeks ultrasound from Erynn Mangum on Vimeo.

Monday, we got to see our little sweet pea for the third or fourth time! So wonderful. I'm so blessed to have such amazing doctors watching this baby this time around. There were a couple of times that I called just feeling a little nervous and they would immediately send me in for bloodwork just to ease my mind. Love that in a doctor!! Love seeing those precious kicks - I'm DYING to start feeling them on the outside!! Nathan was hugging me through the whole ultrasound - this spring will be interesting. ;)

This last appointment was our first with my OB/GYN instead of with our fertility/high risk doctor. Dr. G is so fantastic and he's the one who delivered Nathan. Nathan LOVED him. They totally hit it off. ;)

This is the outfit I see on this kid about 80% of the time. Light-up Woody cowboy boots, Cubbies vest and a firefighter hat. I adore him.

We had dentist appointments yesterday and Nathan had his first "official" visit. Got a clean bill of health! He had his mouth open for our favorite hygentist before she even sat down.

Smiley head. :)

Another sad part of our week - we had our last dinner with our dear neighbors who are moving to Florida this week. What is with all our friends moving thousands of miles away??! We will so miss our wonderful neighbors and getting all these goofy boys together!

What have you been up to, friends??

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