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In theory, it's fall!

We went to a football game this weekend, Starbucks released their infamous pumpkin spice lattes, I've been seeing tons of cinnamon scented candles everywhere - so I guess that it's fall!

I say this as I'm sitting here wearing shorts because it's too warm in my house to wear pants. ;)

Soon enough, right? And then I'll be back to talking about how cold it is and how I wish we could go play outside and if only it would warm up. Ha! No, I LOVE fall and winter and I'm so excited that they are almost here!

What is your favorite season??

We went to the opening game for our very own Lobos this Saturday! We got there SO early so we could get tickets and then we just stayed and did some of the pregame festivities. We had so much fun. Nathan got to give all the players high fives as they walked out from the bus and got to play in a few bounce houses. He had a great time! It was SO hot so the minute we got into the stadium, we bought a gallon sized Sprite to split between all of us.

I love these pictures!! Jon played for the Lobos all through college - it's actually what brought him out here so there's a very special place in my heart for this team! It was so fun to take Nathan and tell him some of the stories of when we were dating and Daddy was on the team. Lots and lots of fun memories in that place!

Me and my bestest guy. :)

And this little stinker... about an hour or so into the game, Nathan started up a conversation with one of the people in the row in front of us, which then led to him talking to the couple two rows ahead of us. He was telling them all kinds of stories and asking questions and next thing I know, he's lounging back in one of their reserved chairs with them while the man is giving Nathan business advice.

I have no idea what to do with this kid. ;)

I'm going to be doing another "What are you reading?" post tomorrow, so everyone make sure you've got your book suggestions ready to go! Yay! I love getting new ideas!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday-That-Feels-Like-Monday!

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