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Fall, fall, FALL.

We spent this past weekend at my beautiful cousin's wedding and I'm still compiling the pictures for that, so I figured in the meantime, why not do a post about all things fall and lovely?

The rainy, cloudy, cooler, absolutely BEAUTIFUL afternoon here has absolutely nothing to do with this.


I'm about to start decorating my house for fall which always kicks off my most favorite time of the whole year! I love everything fall and Christmas! I'm already burning pumpkin candles and doing Christmas gift research and planning wonderful new desserts.

So, without further ado, the tops things I've seen for this season lately:


Love this mantle but I really think there needs to be a few fall colors thrown in. Otherwise, I love the rustic, old-time-y look. :)


These look AMAZING. And like the perfect complement to sugar-rubbed bacon and coffee on a crisp Saturday morning. Fall is definitely the time of year to consume all things apple and pumpkin.


My mother-in-law gave me the prettiest old Mason jars (some are the original blue ones! I KNOW.) and I think this would just be beautiful in my living room. Love the mini acorns.

I love burlap and candles all year long but I especially love them in the fall and winter. LOVE this arrangement for a coffee table, but I would probably throw some mini pumpkins in there somewhere. :)
 Once again with the burlap... ;) I love this wreath! I'm thinking of doing something on a much smaller scale on my "new" old windows in my living room for fall.
What are you looking forward to most about these upcoming seasons? And when do you start decorating your house?

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