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Okay, Mom, here's the plan.

Nathan has been very into "plans" and "jobs" lately. I'm a little worried about what my life will be like when he is actually scheduling things instead of me planning his life for him. He'll come up and say, "Okay, Mom. Here's the plan. I've got to go fix the door because that's my job because I'm a super great fixer guy." Then he'll flash me a big two-thumbs up and next thing I know, he's got on his work "gobbles" and he's hammering away on one of our doors with a plastic hammer.

We had a fun weekend! Our weekends are usually busier than our weeks so they always go by too quickly.

Friday night we met Gammy and Pops for dinner at a new Mexican restaurant in town. They had live mariachi singers who wore cowboy hats and Nathan was convinced they were real cowboys. When one walked by our table he asked him if they had ridden their horses to the restaurant. He also had his first experience seeing a urinal in the men's bathroom.

We won't go there.

Saturday, we went to a cute little friend's first birthday! Cortez (or as Nathan calls him, "Portez") is just adorable. I can't believe he's already one. They had the party at a Gymboree and the kids had a blast.

Sunday, we just hung around Gammy and Pops' house. Nathan took a good nap, we had a friend come for dinner and we just caught up and lounged around. It was wonderful. And it even rained off and on the whole afternoon and evening so that made it even more relaxing. Pops and Nathan watched the Little League World Series and Nathan only lasted like this a few minutes before needing to find his own batting helmet.

The ABCs from Erynn Mangum on Vimeo.

And last but not least, here's my boy singing the song he's most proud of - the ABCs. ;) He's known this for a long time but apparently there's been new interest in impressing people with it.

What did you do this weekend?

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