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If only I could bottle some of his energy

We had such a lovely weekend!!

Friday night, Jon and I got a little evening away at my friend Jocelyn's wedding. Such a beautiful wedding and a beautiful bride!

Me and my favorite guy. ;) It's always fun to dress up and go watch friends get married - particularly when you aren't shushing a little child from yelling "HEY! THEY ARE KISSING ON THE WIPS! THEY ARE MARRIED!"

I'm not sure where his fascination with marriage originated from but my son has marriage on the brain. And he is always saying things like, "Well. I really like grills." (aka girls) It worries me a little bit. Isn't he supposed to think girls are gross by this point? ;) He loves "grills" and "dolts" (adults). He can't wait to become a dolt so he can be tall enough to reach the ceiling fan.

It's the small goals, right?


We spent the majority of Saturday morning lounging around in bed watching Pocahontas. Nathan thought the Englishmen were pirates, naturally. ;)

Saturday night, we went to Freddy's for dinner and Nathan ate enough of his dinner that he could get an Oreo ice cream sandwich. Those things are HUGE. Love his face. He's the boy of a million expressions.

The aftermath... REALLY should have invested heavily in Oxy-Clean the day we found out we were having a boy.

Oh that boy. I just adore that little face.

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