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I started watching a little friend of Nathan's a few days a week so I feel like we're a lot busier now than we used to be even though we still do the same things. ;) I have really enjoyed it! And Nathan has loved having a little buddy to play with.

My silly bean. We went with Gammy to "help" her find running shoes and Nathan discovered a track in the store. He ran back and forth the entire time we were there.

We registered Nathan for Awana! He was SO excited all day to go meet his teacher that night - I think he started trying to leave the house about 10:30am and the meeting wasn't until 6pm! Ha! He even wanted to dress up for it - notice the light up Woody cowboy boots. Those are Nathan's version of "fancy shoes". I guess the excitement was too much because he barely got in the car before he passed out. ;)

Love finding these notes from my Jon in the kitchen in the mornings! :)

Yesterday was my brother Bryant's birthday! So blessed to have a brother who adores my son and is lots of fun to hang out with. :) Nathan has managed to convince Uncle Bryant to read to him every time we lay him down to bed at Gammy and Pops' house (we usually put him in bed so we can hang out later with the family and then just transfer him to the car and then to his bed at home - we've been doing it since he was a few weeks old so he's an old pro now. He doesn't even wake up!). Happy birthday brother!!

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