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Fun with Grandparents

We had a wonderful long weekend with Nonnie and Papa O!

Jon's parents came in on Friday and it was such a good visit with them. We didn't do hardly anything exciting but it was exactly the relaxing hanging out time we needed with them! We did another little birthday celebration for Nathan and he loved it. This boy is always going to think that his birthday should last for a month.  Ha!

We had rain almost every night they were here and then a TERRIBLE storm last night - oh my goodness. We haven't had a storm like that in a long time! It flooded our backyard and street and there was TONS of hail.

Jon and Greg were troopers and kept on barbecuing our dinner (in between videoing the storm). Ha! Poor guys. I'm thankful we weren't using the oven though - our power got knocked out! Thankfully it was back on by bath time last night - as much fun as bathing Nathan by flashlight sounded, I was glad we didn't have to experience it. ;)

Jon and his mama. :) Love this picture! And check out the old windows I found this weekend behind them - I love how it looks! Connie was super sweet to help us get them in hanging-on-the-wall condition. They were pretty yucky when we picked them up. Greg and Connie are always so willing to help us out with all the little projects we've been working on around the house when they come - so wonderful! We had so much fun!

Jon has been working landscaping most of the month of July, so he had a four day weekend this weekend too and it was SO NICE having him home! We were very bummed when he went back to work today. Someone loves their daddy. :)

Such a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for coming, Nonnie and Papa O!! We love you guys!

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