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A walk in the park

Lately, I've been having Nathan take naps again and miraculously, he's actually going down fairly well and sleeping a long time! He wakes up SO much happier - and it gives me a little bit of time to rest or clean or work on the writing. :)

We've extended his bedtime a bit because of it, so we've had a little more time in the evenings to go play! (and wear our kid out so he sleeps again - ha!)

Monday night, we took a family walk over to the park and let Nathan run around and play for a bit before bed and then we visited with our neighbor friend for a few minutes before heading back. Such a wonderful night!

Brave boy!! He cannot wait until he's big enough to do this all by himself! Love how happy he is right now.

A little help from Dad. :)

I love nights like these!

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